KDG purchased the old hatchery from Kerry and a site to build a new enterprise park and also leased the old offices from them.

At present there are over 50 people employed from the Kantoher site in companies such as Tara Cladding, Biomass Heating Solutions, McMahon Eco Fuels, Mary Barrett Veterinary, O’Neill Agri-consultant and others.

The old hatchery was converted into office/community spaces in 2008. Many of these offices are occupied and the building is also the base for the local FAS group, Youth Club and AA.

In 2007, the then Minister for Trade and Employment visited Kantoher and pledged funding towards the Kantoher regeneration project. It was decided by Kantoher Development Group Ltd to constrcut a new Enterprise park at Kantoher to attract more employment to the area. Phase 1 of this enterprise park is now nearing completion.

The focus of the group has also since widened to look at various different ways of improving the vibrancy of the local community;


It is planned to develop sheltered housing for the elderly in both the villages of Ashford and Raheenagh. However, due to recent restrictions in funding, both projects have been put on hold.


With poor soil types in the area, many people in the area have experienced difficulty in attaining percolation. To remedy this KDG are presently seeking planning permission to construct a new wetland reedbed system in the old ponds in Camas with the aim of treating sewerage from Ashford, Kantoher & Raheenagh.


KDG are currently in the process of conducting an audit on the energy use of households, businesses and community facilities in the parish to ascertain if energy consumption can be reduced or replaced with greener technologies.


KDG are also looking at ways of unleashing the potential of the Natural resources within the parish; St. Itas Church & Graveyard, Glenquin, Killeedy & Glenduff castles, Mullaughanuish (The highest point in West Limerick), The Mullaghareirk walking trails. Clay pigeon shooting club, The Mass Rock and much more. Any suggestions in this area are welcome.


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