Those who receive their television signal from an aerial must take action before October 24th 2012 or risk their screen going blank when Ireland makes the switch to digital television.  The Community Outreach Digital Switchover Programme is now operating across the county and aims to ensure that everyone is prepared for the switch and is specifically targeting older people living alone, those with literacy and other learning difficulties and those with few social networks.

The initiative is heavily reliant on the Irish tradition of caring for our neighbours and we are asking communities to look around and help identify those locally who will need a little assistance and make sure that they get it.  Those currently receiving this signal from an aerial will now be seeing a caption on their screen saying “24 October”.  This means that unless you take action you will no longer receive a television signal after October 24th 2012.

For further information or advice contact Clint at West Limerick Resources on 069 66295 or Annette at Ballyhoura Development on 063 91735 or Keith at Paul Partnership in the city on 061 419388.


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